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Private RIB safaris

Book us for a safe and exciting safari in a rough but beautiful Arctic environment. Our comfortable RIB has 10 cushioned guest seats – 4 in heated cabin.

We tailor these excursions together with you, or you can pick one of our suggestions. Lunch and/or other serving upon agreement.

  • Duration upon agreement
  • 4 hours for whale watching
  • The whale watching is recomennded only for groups of 4 or less

Questions and suggestions: 

  • Whale watching safari (Nov-Jan)
  • Birds, eagles, seals and wildlife safaris
  • Lyngen and the old village Havnnes
  • Lyngen with hike to spectacular Blåisvannet
  • Beautiful Senja
  • Sommarøy and the nearby islands
  • Island adventure in Karlsøy
  • Tailored excursions & round trips

Regardless of destination, we can guarantee beautiful moments in spectacular northern Norwegian nature.

Please contact us for more information about our services, open dates, prices, tailoring, menues and hopefully your booking.

Duration: Upon agreement

Date/time: Upon agreement

Tailored trips, price: Upon agreement

Whale safari Nov-January, approx 4 hours: 40,000 NOK (1-4 guests)

Capacity: 10 guests / Whale safaris: 4 guests in heated cabin

Pick up point: Upon agreement If pick up point is in Tromsø city centre, we normally meet you in the Hermes II shop in Kystens Hus, Stortorget 20 minutes before departure.

  • The trip may be cancelled/posponed due to hars weather conditions
  • Minimum age: 7 years
  • Children 7-14 must be accompanied by one adult each
  • Not recommended for pregnant women or anyone with back, neck or pelvic injuries as the trip may involve shaking.

Included / Facilities


The experience

A trip with Talaria is an extraordinary experience. Wheather you join us for a shorter excursion, a private sea and wildlife safari or a transport stage with your group or company.

Surrounded by spectacular nature wherever we go. Birds and animals to observe. And if we’re lucky; a pod of white beaked dolphins may swim with us for a while. The area is simply packed with beautiful impressions.

Safety first

Talaria is a 42 foot Goldfish X12 with 1350 HP, constructed for use in rough weather. The boat is equipped with the best navigation and safety gear, and the pilots are certified and experienced seafarers. A Talaria RIB adventure shall always be a nice and safe experience.

Full speed to peace and quiet

With Talaria you get the best of two worlds. From full action to total silence. We move quickly from place to place, before we slow down or lay still to enjoy spectacular nature and wildlife. It does not matter which way you look, the views are stunning. Use the opportunity to take memorable photos, before the captain offers some more high speed adventure when he sets the course for the next lovely spot.


10 comfortable, cushioned seats are waiting for our guests. 4 of these are placed in the heated cockpit. The cockpit may be completely closed, partly or totally open. Tell the pilots what you prefer and they will deside how to rig the cockpit.

Talaria has plenty of space for luggage and equipment you need to bring along. Heavy sound system on board if you want to rock the boat with your favourite band.

Food & beverage

For excursions with private groups and companies, we can offer various menues. Together we find the solution that suits the duration and route for your trip.


Thermal suits, personal safety gear, warm boots and goggles are included. Wear warm layers for use under the thermal suit, and remember hat, scarf and mittens. Tromsø lies approximately on the edge of the Arctic ice. It is often cold out at sea – even in the summer!