Terms and conditions

Please read thoroughly before completing your booking


By making a booking, the first named personal/lead participant on the booking or the person making the booking agrees on behalf of all persons detailed on the booking that he/she:

a) has read these booking conditions and agrees to be bound by them.

b) consents to our use of personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and is authorized on behalf of all persons named on the booking to disclose their personal details to us, including where applicable, special categories of data (such as information on health conditions or disabilities and dietary requirements)

c) is over 18 years of age at the time of booking and where placing an order for services with age restrictions declares that he/she and all members of the party are of the appropriate age to purchase those services.

d) accepts financial responsibility for payment of the booking on behalf of all persons detailed on the booking.

All services offered are subject to availability

We reserve the right to increase or decrease brochure prices and to change any information in our brochures or on our website before a booking is made. You will be told the correct up to date price before you book.

Booking confirmation

A confirmation e-mail and invoice will be sent to you. As soon as you receive the confirmation and invoice, please check the details carefully and inform us immediately if anything appears to be incorrect as it may not be possible to make changes later. The reservation is not valid until paid in full.

Payment and security

You must pay the balance before you receive the confirmation invoice. Hermes II is responsible for the transaction. If there should be an issue with your credit card, you will be contacted. If we are not able to get in contact with you, your reservation will be cancelled. All personal information is handled on an externally encrypted site, where your information is safe. Hermes II will have access to your name and/or contact information. Your credit card information is not shared with us, but our payment provider Stripe. Please note that exchange rates fluctuate and can move to your advantage or disadvantage if a refund was to take place.

Cancellation/alterations by you

If you wish to cancel or alter your arrangements after your booking has been made, we will do our best to arrange this and, if possible, make these changes. Any request for changes must be made in writing by the person who made the booking.

  1. Cancellations 8 days or more prior to the start of the tour will be refunded 100%.
  2. Cancellations 7-3 days prior to the start of the tour will be refunded 50%.
  3. Cancellations 0-2 days prior to the tour will not be refunded.

Cancellation/alterations by us

The tour can be cancelled by Hermes II due to:

a) conditions beyond our control: weather (The skipper determines solely whether such conditions apply), accidents, strikes, etc.

b) conditions for the booking have not been fulfilled.

In order to ensure a positive experience, we may occasionally have to make changes or cancel your booking and we reserve the right to do so at any time. Hermes II will provide a full refund.


We collect and refund online payments in Norwegian Kroner (NOK). When we issue a refund to a card using another currency, your bank will convert it from NOK for you. The amount of your refund depends on the exchange rate. When we refund you, the amount you get back reflects the exchange rate on the day we issue the refund. Exchange rates change every day, so the amount you get back will not match what you paid. Hermes II is not involved in this exchange process.

Late arrival policy

If you or any member of your party misses your transport arrangement, you must contact us immediately. As courtesy to our other participants and staff, reservations will automatically be cancelled 05 minutes after your scheduled departure time and charged according to the cancellation policy. We regret that late arrivals will not receive an extension of their reservation time. In special cases, and when our schedule will allow, we may be able to accommodate a partial ride. This will be at our discretion and only with proper, advanced notification of your late arrival. No refunds will be given for no show and/or late cancellations. Hermes II cannot be held responsible for late arrivals due to traffic, accidents or weather conditions.

Alcohol, drugs, misconduct

Serving alcohol on our vessels is subject to the same rules as for restaurants. Alcohol will therefore not be served to underaged and guests who the crew finds in a condition not to be served. Nor is it allowed to bring your own drinks. The customer is obliged to make this known to their guests. Guests who are already under the influence of alcohol/drugs at the start of the tour, may be denied access.

Passengers must follow all instructions from the captain and the crew promptly and without delay. Access to the vessel may be denied without a reason being provided, should this be deemed necessary by the crew, for example in relation to capacity, safety, public order or the imminent threat of damage or nuisance.

Violation of these provisions is a breach of contract and gives the captain the discretionary right to cancel the entire event, and if found necessary put all passengers on land. The loss due to such interruption will be claimed from the customer.

Shoes not to wear on board

Hermes II has a wooden deck and an exclusive wooden floor in the lounge. We therefore do not allow our guests to wear shoes with spikes or particularly sharp heels.


Check with your doctor before participating in more demanding activities. Do not attempt to participate in any activity that could compromise your pregnancy or pose danger to you and your baby.

Wheelchair and mobility impaired

Our trips are not very suitable for the mobility impaired or wheelchair users. The old boat and the toilet facilities are not easily accessible. For safety reasons and your own comfort, you have to bring a companion (free of charge) if it is difficult for you to move around without help.

Mobility in general

Hermes II has quite steep steps to go below deck (e.g. to get to the toilets) and some low passages where you need to be able to bend your neck and back a little bit, but no more than normal mobility is required.

Liabilities in respect of passengers

Hermes II is performing commercial passenger transport and are therefore obliged to take out insurance to cover the carrier’s liability for passengers and their luggage. Click on the link to see detailed information: http://www.gard.no/web/publications/document/chapter?p_subdoc_id=20747990&p_document_id=20747880

Claims and complaints

If you encounter errors or discrepancies along the way in relation to the travel documents you have received, and the relationship cannot be corrected on the spot, please write to us when you return home. You will see the name and address plus contact details in any confirmation documents we send you. If you fail to follow this procedure, there will be less opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint. The amount of compensation you may be entitled to may be reduced or set to 0 NOK depending upon the circumstances.


These booking conditions and any agreement to which they apply are governed in all respects by Norwegian law. We both agree that any dispute, claim or other matter which arises between us out of or in connection with your contract or booking will be dealt with by the local court of Nord-Troms Tingrett in Tromsø, Norway.

Your consent

My participation in this activity is voluntary and I decide to participate despite risks. I have carefully read, understood and voluntarily agreed to these terms and conditions.