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Over night cruises

The options are many. Together we tailor the duration, destinations and scheme for your private trip.

Here you see an example of a  two nights’ cruise:
Adventurous & genuine coastal experiences!

If you like hiking and want to fill your backpack with joyful memories, this may be the trip that suits you perfectly. The hiking is just as hard – or just as easy – as you want. You do not need to be in super-shape to enjoy the walks as you may choose different routes and your own prefered pace.

Day one we sail to Sør-Lenangen, where we hike to the spectacular Blåisvatnet (Blue Ice Lake) by the foot of The Lyngen Alps. Afterwards we sail to the old trading village Finnkroken at Reinøy – one of may islands in Karlsøy municipality. Local hosts guide you in the village and it’s historic buildings. Nice hiking routes are just minutes away, but if you want total relaxation: The hot tub is waiting for you at the quay, just five meters from the boat. Dinner and a good night’s sleep on board.

On day two we explore the islands of Karlsøy and visit two or three of them. Hiking on Vannøy is one option, where we can go for the higher mountains or just wander around at the seafront. Pick the degree of difficulty that suits each individual person.

The midnight sun may entertain us as it passes in the norht and the combination of mountain and sea view is unbeatable.

Read more about this cruise, route, meals, facilities and more over night cruise information in general further down.

Duration, price, destinations and more: Please contact us and we tailor the cruise together.
Over night capacity: Max 10 
Meeting point: Floating pier, Stortorget, 30 min before departure

– The cruise may be cancelled or rescheduled due to extra harsh weather conditions. The cruise will in that case be fully compensated.

Included / Facilities


Day 1 - e.g.:

We leave the city and sail towards  Sør-Lenangen by the foot of The Lyngen Alps. The main goal there is the spectacular Blåisvatnen (The Blue Ice Water). After the hike we set course for Finnkroken for more hiking & guided tours if you feel for it, exploring the old village and the area on your own, hot tub, dinner and peace and quiet on board.

If we are lucky we bring fresh shrimps with us from the shrimp factory in Sør-Lenangen. Sleep over at quay in Finnkroken.

Les mer om Blåisvatnet

hermes 2 på havet med fjell i bakgrunnen

Departure for The Lyngen Alps

From the floating pier in Torghuken at Stortorget, right in the centre of Tromsø.

Over night cruises 1

Hike to Blåisvatnet

Keep your camera ready. This is really something for your bucket list.

Photo: @lyngenexperience

Sailing to Finnkroken

The old trading village is the place to be this evening and night!

Memories for life!

Historic boat adventure in rough nature
Join us for a memorable cruise with the beautifully restored  Skandfer-cutter from 1917. Modern facilities combined with genuine wooden boat feeling, let you find peace in spectacular Atctic nature. Get to know Hermes II from bow to stern and learn about it’s exciting history.

Beautiful scenery 
We sail through sounds and into fjords, between islands and islets. Fish are waitng to be caught just under the surface. Eagles sail above us, and if we’re really lucky a playful pod of porpoises can follow the boat.

We go ashore on well chosen places. On the islands there are both inhabited and vacated places to visit. Go hiking, speak to the locals, or just go for a walk in these interesting tradig places and fishing villages.

Relax & enjoy
The most important features Hermes II can offer are the relaxed atmosphere and the peace and quiet on board and at sea. Walk around on deck and take in the views. Use the fishing rods and catch tonights dinner. Or sit down in the lounge and have a tasty meal made from local produce. Finish the day on deck under the midnight sun and the everlasting light. When you feel like it, climb into your bunker bed an fall asleep listening to the sea splashing softly to the boat side.

Something to remember!
A cruise with Hermes II is an adventure you will not forget. The scenery, the spectacular mountains and islands, the peace at sea, the exciting places we visit and the nice feeling of just beeing together…. Could it be better?

Looking forward to have you as our guest!


You can walk around everywhere you want on the boat. Sit on the benches and breathe in the fresh Arctic air. Put a warm blanket over your legs if you feel cold or maybe you prefer a thermal suit to keep warm.

Fishing rods and all necessary fishing gear is ready for use if you’re tempted to test your fishing luck. The pantry is equipped with modern kitchen appliances and is situated on the port side on deck. On these private cruises you may choose to be your own chef, or just make breakfast or lunch when it suits you best. Together we tailor the serving on beforehand.

Below deck there are a longe with dinner table, a bar, two toilets an one shower. Hot water and air heating keeps the temperature at the right level. Two TV-screens in the lounge mirrors the captain’s screens. Therefore you can follow the boat’s course, see where other boats are sailing, check how deep the sea is and see if you can spot fish under the boat.

When the night comes the boat offers five cozy bunker beds in the bow room and five in the lounge.

  • Lounge with bar and dinner table for up to 12
  • 10 beds
  • 2 toilets and 1 shower
  • Seating all around the boat – outdoors and indoors
  • Fully equipped pantry
  • Fishing gear
  • Top modern safety gear
  • …and much more


Day 2 - example

Breakfast before we set course for the islands of Karlsøy. The possibilities are almost uncountable. We visit one or two islands as we sail north towards Vannøy (as in this example). On Vannoy there are numerous easy and more challenging hiking tracks to pick from. See some of  our suggestions on the timeline.

We spend the night somewhere that fits well to the sailing route and the current weather contitions.

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Over night cruises 4
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Over night cruises 6
Over night cruises 7
båt nær fjæra


Sometime between 08:00 and 10:00 or as agreed on.

Hike suggestion 1 – Vannøy

Kvalkjeften (The Whale’s Mouth)
609 meters above sea level

Kvalkjeften is situated between Vanntinden and Vannareid. From the summit you can see fjords, sounds and islands in all directions and look down on the Skipsfjorden. The mountain is easy to access from several directions and you can walk on many different paths.

Read more about this hike here

Hike suggestion 1 – Vannøy
Over night cruises 8
Suggestion 2

Lille Skorøya

Nice and easy walk around this island. Beautiful area, often visited by reindeer, moose and eagles.

See map

Suggestion 2
Suggestion 3

Indianeren (The Indian)

Also a nice and easy hike with beautiful view over Kåja with it’s lighthouse and the open sea beyond. If you are ready for it, you may go all the way to the top at Torstinden. (Thor’s Peak)

Read more about this hike here

Suggestion 3
Over night cruises 9
Suggestion 4

Fakken Windmill Park

Windmills are controversial and a much discussed topic, but to see the 80 meters high mills at close range can be a breathtaking experience.

Suggestion 4
Lots of alternative hikes

Karlsøy, Helgøy, Ringvassøy

There are lots and lots of good opportunities for hiking, no matter which island we choose to visit. And may be you prefer to spend the day walking along the seafront or just stay behind on Hermes II reading a book or trying to catch some fish?

Lots of alternative hikes

Day 3

After a good night’s sleep we set course for Tromsø. Breakfast is served as we sail. The only thing you need to do on your way back to Tromsø, is to sit back and save the exciting experiences and beautiful impressions from this Hermes II cruise.


We start the day with a nice breakfast. If you are going for a hike or a longer excursion, you make your own lunches and hot drinks to bring with you. If we are sailing, fishing from the boat or at quay, we take the lunch on deck or in the lounge.

Dinner time is normally in the evening, adjusted to your wishes and needs. The menue can go all the way from fish soup with your own catch of the day to tree course dinner with wine package. We agree on the menues on beforehand and include it in the fixed price.

If you want to be the chef yourself, or join in with our chef, that’s no problem.

Over night cruises 10
Over night cruises 11


Between 08:00 and 10:00 or as agreed on.

hermes 2 og tromsø i bakgrunnen

Returning to Tromsø

We cast off for the final stage to Tromsø.

Final docking

Thank you for joining us! Have a safe journey home. And welcome back.


Bring what you need for the planned programme such as hiking, mountaineering or bathing. Warm clothes and rain gear is most important. Tromsø lies approximately on the edge of the Arctic ice. It is cold here, but it is even colder and more exposed to wind out at sea.