Join us on a trip in the beautifully restored wooden boat, Hermes II, from 1917. We offer authentic coastal experiences with an historical atmosphere. Travel back in time with us and feel the sense of tranquillity when the silence of the sea mixes with the rhythmic pulse of the old boat engine. Whether the midnight sun of Tromsø makes it impossible to separate day from night, or the Northern Lights dance intensely across the sky, the experience is always magical. Even for a native.


With exciting products from quality producers, we want to give you a special shopping experience. We focus on local, Norwegian and Nordic manufacturers and designers. You will find a range of products that have never previously been sold in Northern Norway, and some design series that are specially produced for us.


We know that Hermes II is a unique boat. It has navigated between small and even tiny places in Northern Norway, transported coal, fish, animals, houses and churches. The boat also participated in the evacuation after the burning of Finnmark and Nord-Troms during World War II, and it contributed to the reconstruction of the area after the war. It has left the quay on stormy winter days and has navigated along beautiful coastlines under a shining midnight sun for over 100 years. Its history is enshrined in the hull. It’s a history you will hear more about when you join us on a trip.

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