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Trip to Finnkroken

Groups and companies
Book the boat for your company or group. Contact us on mail and together we tailor your programme and menue. Allow us to  tempt you with North-Norwegian culinary specialities from some of the best local suppliers.

Open trips
Set aside time for our day-trip to Finnkroken. This trip is ideal for those who love history, are curious about what life was like here in earlier times, or those who simply want to enjoy a longer boat trip.

Hermes II is an old boat with modern technology and facilities. Among other things, it has a heated lounge below deck and two toilets.

Duration: 6 hours
Number of participants: Min 6, max 18 on open trips
Departure time:
Groups/companies: By appointment
Open trips: See under Book now
Meeting point: The floating pier by Kystens Hus at Stortorget. Please show up 10 minutes before departure.

– The tour might be cancelled or rescheduled due to harsh weather conditions.




Join Hermes II on an excursion to an old trading post that has a history as rich as the boat itself. This trip will provide you with a good insight into local culture and an opportunity to experience the wonderful flavours of North-Norwegian specialities.

About the trip to Finnkroken

When the old meets the new, it can be delightful. When the old meets the old, it becomes historic. This day-trip allows you to experience that exact feeling.

Hermes II is a freighter built in 1917. It was used to carry fish, livestock, building materials and all kinds of goods between the inshore islands. You can now join an authentic freight route to Finnkroken, a place where the boat transported and sold coal in an earlier life.  Step on board and let us take you on an exciting journey through time. To Finnkroken on Reinøya.

On the trip outwards we serve locally produced small snacks and hot drinks. Listen to the story of the boat’s history and absorb the tranquillity as Hermes II takes you to this extremely well-preserved trading station, a 2-hour trip from Tromsø. Finnkroken has been populated since the Stone Age, and with several hundred years of trade traditions, the place has been an important component of the region’s development and history.

At Finnkroken, you can explore a wonderfully well-preserved house from 1802, visit the wharf and other old buildings and really feel a sense of history. You will hear about the trading station, merchants, fishing and hunting, and about settlements that are 6,000 – 10,000 years old. You can also take a short walk to the church or to the settlement museum, which displays several works by the internationally renowned local artist Einar Berger. Berger was the first Norwegian artist to be exhibited in the Louvre.

On the return trip, the journey takes you into the world of flavours. We offer an exciting culinary experience, when we invite you to enjoy a lunch with selected products from the best local food producers. Proud food traditions and modern local cuisine blend together and allow you to try something you may never have tasted before?

Hermes II and Finnkroken both have long histories. Join us and let yourself be fascinated by another point in time.

Welcome on board

Hermes II is equipped with top-quality modern navigation and safety equipment. On board, you will meet highly qualified and experienced skippers and hosts with safety training. A trip with Hermes II should be a pleasant and safe experience for everyone.


You can wander around on deck and enjoy the atmosphere or relax on the seating. Blankets and seat mats are available when you want to warm up a bit. If it’s still a little too cold for you, we have thermal insulation suits you can borrow.

Below deck you will find a nice and warm lounge with seating, dining table, bunks, bar and toilets. There are also screens that show films about the boats the company owns. From dramatic scenes from deep-sea fishing in the Barents Sea to scenic trips in glorious sunshine with Hermes II. All the screens that the skipper has on the bridge can also be viewed down here. You can follow the boat’s course, observe where other boats are located, check the depth around the vessel and try to see if there are fish nearby.


We recommend eating a good meal before going on board. The serving concepts vary on the different trips. On the short trips we provide a range of selected local specialities. We also serve hot drinks and, if you like, you can purchase alcoholic drinks.

On a longer trip, we serve a simple meal and hot drinks on the trip to Finnkroken, while the return trip to Tromsø also includes a full lunch. Then you can enjoy a culinary experience with a delicious selection of known – and perhaps unknown – flavours from the best local food producers.

We plan the tailor-made trips in cooperation with you. There are many options, from a pure boat trip without food, to various servings on deck, to multi-course tasting menus in the lounge below deck. Contact us, and we will find a programme that suits your wishes and needs.


Tromsø lies approximately on the edge of the Arctic ice. It is cold here, but it is even colder out at sea and it’s more exposed to wind. We therefore recommend that you keep abreast of the weather forecast before your trip and dress accordingly.