hermes 2 på havet med fjell i bakgrunnen

Join us this summer!

After a sucsessfull winter season we are now ready for the summer of 24! The crew is ready. The boat is ready. Tromsø’s beautiful surroundings are ready! And we are ready to welcome you on board!


Hermes II – The Shop

The best way to preserve old things is to use them. This is also the mantra for the Hermes II boat conservation project, when the 72-foot Skandfer cutter is to be used, maintained and preserved for future generations.

young girl in pink life west smiling to the camera


Tromsø lies approximately on the edge of the Arctic ice. It is cold here, but it is even colder out at sea. We therefore recommend that you keep abreast of the weather forecast before your trip and dress accordingly. Here is our simple recommendation. The individual guest must naturally assess his or her own comfort