Tromsø’s quays – historical bustle and urban pulse

In Tromsø, you can stroll along the shoreline and the quays, from Sydspissen in the south, past Tromsø bridge in the north. Just outside the town centre you will find scenic walks and residential areas with their own quays and fascinating architecture.
Tromso harbor, old tree houses

Within the city centre, the quays are dominated by the boats and the urban life for which Tromsø is so famous. All the way from Strandtorget to Kystens Hus (the Coastal Seafood Centre in Northern Norway), the Polar Museum and Vervet, the waterfront has lots of great restaurants, cafés and pubs that attract both locals and visitors.

Great range of food and drink
The venues are close together and offer a variety of different types of dining experiences. For example, you can choose between fine dining at the seafood restaurants Arctandria & Fiskekompaniet, pizza at Yonas, grilled meats at Graffi, live music at Kaia and Rorbua, seafood and sushi at Lotus & Dragøy/Hav in Kystens Hus, rustic traditional north Norwegian food at Full Steam and various restaurants and cefés at Vervet with Maskinverkstedet as the star.

Several other places to eat, including the hotels along the quayside promenade, are of high quality and are often good places to take a warm break from the chilling Balsfjord wind. If you just want to have a drink, you can enjoy an outdoor beer at Skarven, Skirri or Vervet, while the city’s best coffee is brewed at Kaffebønna at Strandtorget and Stortorget.

A host of experiences
The quay also features old authentic piers and boats, Polaria with Arctic history, seals and aquarium, The Troll museum, polar history at the Polar Museum, the Northern Norwegian Art Museum, various galleries and several outlets offering souvenirs, experiences and activities.

Many visitors ask about opportunities to buy fresh and prepared fish. They are directed to Kystens Hus, where the fishmonger Dragøy offers a large selection. The same building is also home to Hermes II The Shop, which focuses on fisheries and coastal history, Scandinavian design and a collection of products with their own exclusive design. and different exciting boat trips. There is also an aquarium with Arctic species on the same floor, and the interactive exhibition ‘Explore Seafood’ on the second floor.

Tromsø's quays - historical bustle and urban pulse 1

See the sea
We recommend setting aside plenty of time to walk along the quays in Tromsø. There a plenty of great photo motifs, fresh air, attractive dining venues and a range of exciting experiences that can make a trip along the quays a highlight when visiting the city.

In short: If you are in the city centre, head towards Tromsø Sound and visit the city’s waterfront. You will enjoy an evocative encounter with the old, historic Tromsø, while simultaneously experiencing the city’s modern, urban pulse.

If you have any questions, just ask the first person you meet. The friendly and affable locals are happy to have a chat if you ask them.

Enjoy your trip!